Welcome back!

My trip back to Edinburgh wasn’t as smooth as I would have hoped…

My luggage decided not to follow me back, I didn’t exactly have a place to stay, I was still waiting on my unconditional acceptance letter from the University and I hadn’t extended my visa.

Although I was a bit worried everything sorted itself out by the end of Fresher’s Week. My suitcase arrived two days after I got here, I found myself a really nice flat, I am now registered and matriculated and I have set up a visa appointment with the International Student Office to check my visa application. I would really like to thank everyone at the University who took the time to read my slightly panicked emails and helped me out with everything. I am eternally grateful.

The amount of mess in my outside life was directly proportionate to the level of organisation in my lab work. I got back here and hit the ground running. It is only my second week and I already have some results which will be included in my thesis! I know that this is not the case for everyone, in fact it probably isn’t the case for most, but I was lucky enough to come up with a plan with my supervisor before I went on holiday. That is a major perk of having done my MSc in the same lab, I knew what I was doing and I could get my labmates to grow cells for me while I was at the beach!

I am looking forward to this upcoming year. I am hoping that all the bad luck is behind me and it will be smooth sailing for the rest of my PhD. I am an eternal optimist.

For more about me you can look at my “About Me” page. Enjoy!