The end of the 8-month report

I was going to start this post saying that the weather had been wonderful this weekend, but then it started pouring at maximum capacity for about 2 minutes and stopped and then started again! Luckily, I took this picture before that happened so you get to see a picture of the George Square Gardens on a sunny “summer” day.

8-month report
We have all submitted our 8-month reports! This is the reason my blog post is so late this month. I finally decided to quit the productive procrastination tactic to work on the report. I must admit that writing it was harder than I had originally anticipated. I was unsure about how much detail to include in a 5000 word report. It was good practice for being concise and using words sparingly! Based on my supervisor’s feedback after my first draft, I opted to include more details rather than less. In the long-run, this was probably the right choice as it will just make it easier to write up my thesis in 2 years. (2 YEARS!!! This first year has definitely flown by.) The next step is to meet up with my committee to discuss my report, my progress in the lab and everything else that I have done throughout these first 10 months. I’d say that the hardest part of this report is actually finding a time that suits us all to have my first year meeting! It is very difficult to coordinate the schedules of 3 PIs, between conferences and everyone’s holiday schedules, my meeting is still a while away.┬áThat actually suits me fine, I can take my time to properly prepare my results and presentation.

Despite having the report to write, I tried not to get too far behind on my experiments. I think I managed it quite well, though I am slightly behind on my analysis, hence why I am in on this beautiful Sunday (I say beautiful, but looking out the window, I cannot tell what the weather is going to do). I also think that writing this report gave me an opportunity to see all of my data together which gave me an overview of what I have done and what I still have to do for the data sets I started this year. I have booked tonnes of time on the microscope in the next few weeks hoping to finish collecting images for my data sets to be able to start new experiments and imaging protocols in September. It is also interesting because the whole story of my PhD is starting to come together and it is now possible to see the logical progression of my imaging experiments.

Edinburgh “summer”
“Summer” is in quotations, because I personally would not consider this weather to be indicative of summer (it is a bit too cold and wet for my taste), however the calendar does say that July starts next week, so I guess it is officially summer. There will actually be a heatwave next week which I am quite looking forward to! Another thing to look forward to during the Edinburgh summer are the multitude of festivals that take over the capital, from the International Film Festival, to the International Magic Festival to the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and most famously the Fringe Festival in August. Edinburgh is definitely buzzing with performances of every kind imaginable from the end of June to the end of August. There is truly a festival for everyone. I, myself, enjoy the Jazz and Blues Festival and I have tickets to a magic show part of the International Magic Festival for tonight.┬áBecause of all the different shows taking place, the festivals have gotten creative with the venues. Every single pub and public building becomes a Fringe venue. I am obviously exaggerating, but just barely. I think the diversity of the venues, from pubs, to theatres, to pop-up venues to old basements and even the Meadows adds to the whole festival ambiance and makes it an interesting experience.

As the skies seem to have cleared for the time being, I will take my leave and try to get home before it starts to rain again…